Sleemo the Hutt

A stark white hutt, with a tight grip on Sriluur


Due to a genetic weakness, his body was unable to generate a natural slime, as such he has servants who’s job is to repeatedly pour warm, fetid grease over him in order to maintain a healthy hydration level.

A member of the Hutt Clans, he has taken over control of most, if not all, crime on Sriluur, with a prime focus on the spice trade, as well as slavery, arena fighting, and most smuggling.

His palace is a sauna-like chamber below the surface of the planet. Capturing a geothermal spring, he uses the steam to keep his palace chambers moist, helping to retain the hydration he is unable to create on his own.

He enjoys watching people fight for their lives, as well as out-smarting his enemies.

Sleemo the Hutt

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